Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall Garden - 2009

It has been awhile since I posted about my garden. This summer it was filled with 7 different types of cherry tomatoes. Although it was a rough year for tomatoes, there was a wonderful variety!

In June I picked up some corn seeds at Native Seed Search. I got a variety of sweet corn called Guarijo, which sounds beautiful: "produces cobs with yellow or burnt-orange kernels." I planted it a few weeks late (d'oh) it should have been planted at the beginning of the monsoon season, but we didn't get a monsoon season this year. I also picked up a variety of onion called I'ito's Onion.

You can see the corn in this picture, as well as some Mammoth Sunflower seeds I planted on the right (just for fun).

The green onions are in the front center. The right hand side is reserved for winter plants (I'm planning on beets, carrots, and lettuce). The pots are filled with the struggling tomato plants, and a pepper plant. The plastic owl watches over everything.

We got to amend the soil with our own compost for the first time. I half expected that nothing would grow, or it would be shriveled and malformed. It is exciting to see everything thrive!

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