Sunday, July 27, 2008

Frozen Yogurt

This was very good, fairly healthy, and easy to make! It is the perfect treat for a hot day.

Frozen Yogurt
2 cups plain yogurt
2 mangoes
16oz container of strawberries
2 tablespoon sugar
1/4 cup hot water


Dice the mangoes and strawberries (separately) and freeze. Parchment paper comes in handy to keep them from freezing to the dish, but you can always chisel them off later.
Here's an easy way to dice a mango.
Add the frozen strawberry chunks and 1 cup of yogurt to the blender, and blend until smooth. I had to re-freeze the mixture for half an hour and re-blend it because it wasn't thick enough the first time through. If your fruit isn't sweet enough you can dissolve the sugar into the water and add it to the mixture. Set the strawberry yogurt aside, and repeat the blending process with the mangoes. After adding the strawberry yogurt to the bowl, I tilted it to the side before adding the mango. This created a nice half-and-half effect. Enjoy!

I want to try this again, but with watermelon and maybe pineapple!

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